This 1kva (1000 watt)solar system is very economical,durable and energy efficient.The lighting points are DC 12V low energy and connected directly to the battery which gives better
performance and longer runtime.It comes with 1 solar standing fan which consumes very low energy( just 10 watt) but blows like a turnado.The fan can work 24hrs directly with nepa,battery and imverter which makes them all weather.This is truely an efficient solar system.It comes with a 100ah battery and 150 watt mono crystaline solar panel (mono crystaline panels are known to perform better than polyscrystaline panels).It also comes with a 1000 watt
inverter which can be used to charge laptops and also to watch tv.Our engineer will install it and ensure that the lighting points are at the designated areas you want them to be in your home or shop.Also an AC socket will be installed in your room just incase you prefer watching tv or working on your laptop
in your room.What else do you need to make life comfortable?
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Price is 160,000 Naira only.
To order cal/whatsapp l 07067866986,07068410532